Jamie Harford

Co-founder, CEO

Jamie Harford, our CEO, is a seasoned entrepreneur boasting over a decade of experience as an owner and operator. He first found success in 2012 when he spearheaded the growth of a healthy fast food concept to multiple sites, leading to an acquisition by a PLC. He then established a car customisation business which received VC backing. His subsequent venture into the crowdfunding industry saw him grow a crowdfunding agency through multiple successful partnerships and helm over 100 campaigns, raising over £50m for clients.

Ivan, our CFO, is a highly accomplished finance expert, raising millions in seed finance as an interim CFO for startups. He’s developed 100+ financial models, guiding high-growth startups to secure investments from top-tier VCs, angels, and crowd investors. Ivan’s previous venture-backed biotech startup leadership and senior analyst role at Crowdcube further honed his expertise. His well-rounded experience adds value to startups seeking seed capital, with strategic insights and financial prowess empowering growth and success in a competitive market.


Co-founder, CFO