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The Ethical Butcher


We are changing how animals and humans coexist in the food chain and how we view our place in nature. Our farmers honour natural systems and farm in ways that increase biodiversity and regenerate the land, having a positive impact on the British countryside. Many of our farmers have measured a net loss of carbon. We believe all farming should be like this, so a proportion of our profits will be channelled into training more farmers in regenerative techniques. Our year-long campaign ‘Regenuary’ delivers a simple message. For one year source as much of your food as possible from regenerative farming.

Inverse has played a deep role in helping this company grow and mature. We provide a full suite of CFO services, along with Crowdfunding campaign management and investor outreach. 

“Thank you to Inverse Funding and Ivan Hoo for such a professional service. It is brilliant having a full suite of services on one simple engagement, it gives us great flexibility as we scale our organisation”

Raised to date £1,500,000+ 

Please request fundraising deck. 

  • Date: December 1, 2020
  • Categories: Portfolio
  • The Ethical Butcher CFO Services, Finance Model, Data Platform, Crowdfunding Mangement, Invetsor Pitching, Investor Research, Investor Outreach.
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